By now, you should know that your website is one of your most important sales tools.

However, does it really sell? Or is it something that you just have for your business because you’re supposed to.

If your website is not leading someone to a sale, an opt-in, or retained awareness for your brand, it’s just a fancy brochure that does little to nothing for your business.

And it’s likely missing one critical ingredient – effective copy.

Your copy can either convert visitors to leads or it can lead people to look elsewhere.

Don’t believe me? Just look at your website analytics. Are visitors sticking around? Are they even showing up at all?

There’s always room for improvement.

How to know what your clients are looking for?

I always tell my clients: You need to convince your ideal client that your program, service, or course will provide the transformation that she or he is looking for.

It’s the ‘WIIFM’ question. (what’s in it for me?)

If you are not answering this question, don’t expect your website to convert visitors to leads.

But in order to effectively answer the question, you need to know what they want to hear.

You need to provide the magic answer that will make them know that you have what they are looking for.

What they WANT and what they NEED are two different things …

As an expert, you already know what the solution is already.

You know what your ideal clients need in order to achieve their desired outcome.

But do they know what they need?

For example, if you are a relationship coach, you know that your ideal client needs mindset and lifestyle changes in order to attract a partner.

(I’m not a relationship expert, but stick with me on this example)

However, your ideal client might only want to know where to meet people, how to dress, and what to say to them.

They may feel discouraged, angry, and confused – and this can be solved with mindset techniques – but they have not yet connected the problem to the root cause. (All they know is that they have not gone on a date in a while)

Therefore, your sales and website copy need to address what they are actually looking for.

And then once they are working with you, you can address the underlying root causes that are getting in the way of their desired outcome!

3 easy ways to get ideas for copy that sells:

1) Talk to your ideal clients and record their words.

This is the most effective way to know what people are looking for. Ask.

Sometimes, I just like to talk to people outside of a sales conversation.

“What is the hardest part about …?”
“What do you think about …?”
“What challenges are you facing as it pertains to …?”

2) Join Facebook groups where your ideal clients hang out.

For my fellow introverts! Join Facebook groups with people who fit the profile of your ideal client.

There might be groups where you can promote your business, but your main objective is to observe to see what people are talking about – and what they are asking for!

Hint: Use the search feature

Another hint: Ask the group admin if you can create a poll.

3) Consult with your business ‘peers’.

These are people who are not your ideal clients, but they are your business peers (accountability partners, masterminds, etc).

As fellow entrepreneurs, they’ll have perspectives that you may have not considered.


So there you have it!

If you are struggling to create copy that sells – keep listening to what people are asking for.

It will take some refinement to get it just right, but the effort will pay off!