(Alternatively Titled: What’s With the Name Change?)

A Fresh Start

Many businesses rebrand all the time, whether it’s to change their products or services or just to give themselves a fresh look to the world. In my case, I wanted to make a change to how I presented myself.

From Foolishly Creative to Creative Digital Systems to …

I started my business, Foolishly Creative, back in 2017. I wanted to showcase that entrepreneurship takes a silly leap of faith and there was a lot of creativity involved. I was looking for a domain name that ended in ‘creative’, and ‘foolishly’ fit the bill. It worked well for quite some time, but eventually, it no longer fit the direction I wanted to go in.

In 2020, I decided to focus my business on digital marketing, which I’ve been involved with since 1999. I taught myself how to code websites and web development, and my experience in digital marketing, particularly email marketing, has grown ever since.

As I built websites for clients, I realized that they needed more than just the website. In fact, a website alone can’t really sell a product or service – it’s all about the backend systems as well.

Introducing myself, Kimberly Inez Mays ….

Through the years, I’ve realized that my greatest strength is not just implementing systems but being a voice for small businesses, especially coaches and speakers. I’ve been selling digital products such as courses, workshops, and trainings, and I’ve had the pleasure of speaking on many podcasts and stages.

My enthusiasm for teaching and speaking has grown so much that I’ve decided to brand myself as Kimberly Inez Mays (KIM). I’ve always wanted to do something under my own name and, from here on out, all my business and programs will be established under my personal name – Kimberly Inez Mays!

What’s Next …

2023 will be an amazing year for me! I’m looking forward to pursuing speaking and teaching opportunities – it brings me so much joy to make complex things simple. Entrepreneurs are incredibly smart – they understand how their business works, they know how to use technology, and can tackle any problem that comes their way. They know how to delegate, and how their marketing is working for them, and they are equipped with the wisdom to make decisions that will bring them success.

I hope you realize how special you are and the impact you have on others! No matter what you do or what you offer, it is your brain, creativity, and unique gifts that make up your business. Rebranding goes beyond just a logo or name change – it’s about the energy and feeling you give people.

Remember, you are the gift and everything you do should bring you joy and happiness. People need you to be your authentic self in order to make their lives and businesses better. I’m so excited to start this new brand and I’d love for you to join me on this journey! I’ll be giving you lots of helpful info on marketing automation tools, tips, resources, and all the business advice I’ve learned over my years in business and working with both small businesses and large Fortune 1,000 companies.

I Want to Be Part of Your Journey …

This year, I’ll be hosting a series of workshops to help you attract people to your business, generate leads, use marketing automation to communicate and nurture them, and create a strong sales pipeline. I also want to help you create an experience that your customers will love, and leave you glowing reviews.

I’m looking forward to having you be a part of my journey!