September 8, 2022

3 Ways to create the most awesome lead magnet (without being a designer)

Who can resist FREE Goodies?

Ever come across a website that offered a freebie that was too good to pass up? That’s a lead magnet!

  • Free guide to ________
  • Free chapter of _______ (e-book)
  • 5 Steps to _________

OMG!! You know you can’t live without it, so providing your email address is a literal no-brainer!

Wouldn’t you like your visitors to feel that way? To badly want what YOU have to offer?

“Yes Kim. I want to be irresistible”

Okay, so you have the idea for the lead magnet but designing the damn thing is a chore. Yes, you can create a word document and print it as a PDF, but it’s just … MEH. You aren’t a designer and this is taking too long.

You put it out there anyway. Yes, some people download it. But does anyone LOVE it? Do you LOVE it?

If you don’t love it, I have 3 ways to create a lead magnet without being a designer.

  1. Use Microsoft Word
  2. Use Powerpoint
  3. Use Canva
  4. Hire Someone