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I simplify technology for coaches and speakers, helping them generate and nurture more leads using funnel marketing automation and AI.

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Funnel Automation Magic

Save time and boost productivity by mastering funnel automation to create high-converting marketing funnels and landing pages for coaches and speakers!

Free Mini-Training

Funnel Automation Magic

Save time and boost your productivity by mastering funnel automation and learning how to create high-converting funnels and landing pages tailored specifically for coaches and speakers.

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The Automated Thought Leader

In my Automatic Thought Leader Academy, I’ve tailored the learning experience specifically for coaches seeking to conquer digital marketing.

 It’s a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ journey where you’ll tackle challenges like cutting through the digital clutter, crafting compelling content, and harnessing AI effectively. 

Enjoy personalized learning, direct support, networking opportunities, and hands-on challenges and master  sales funnels, and AI to craft your own unique conversion strategies.

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I specialize in marketing automation, enhancing audience engagement for diverse businesses. My passion lies in helping coaches build nurturing relationships and providing those aha moments!

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